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Q;My house is only 10-15 years old how often should I clean my roof or my deck?

A: Each home is differant and the environment has a big part to the equation if you have high winds or trees dropping needles or a lot of sun beating down on it or even heavy snow can take its toll. I recommend twice a year usually spring and fall that way you are ready for the next heavy weather cycle.

Q: My roof is ready to be replaced can I go over the top with another layer?

A: Legally you can up to three layers. The only time I would add another layer to a house is if it has one layer of three tab comp and I was putting on a layer of standing seam metal. I do not add layers to a roof because it add weight and you loose life of the new roof and there is a higher chance of leaks and blow offs. Besides most manufactures do not stand behind recovers so the warranty is in jeopardy and who nows how much damage is hiddin from the first roof.

Q: I'm thinking of replacing my deck with a composite decking is that a good idea?

A: I think it is a great idea because in the long run it is cheaper then cedar and it comes with a warranty. I like to use TimberTech it cost a little bit more to frame because of extra joists and labor. The best part is it has a 25yr warranty and easy maintenance.

Q: I would like to build a deck over my flat garage roof is there a roofing product that I can use that will last?

A: There are two options I can think of one is a product called DecTec roofing membrane that is walkable andhas a 10 yr warranty available. The other type is a rubber membrane applied to the deck then a floating deck is installed over the top of the membrane. doing the roof this way keeps the weather off of the roof which will help it last longer and if you put a TimberTec deck down in theory the roof should last as long as the deck